Panorama X procedure to open web page in browser

Panorama X procedure to open a selected web page address in a browser

I have a dozen-field database of about 1,700 contacts. I would like to be able to Google-search the internet to see surface (first page) news and information about the contacts.

I have created a field with the web address that will open the required page in Safari, but I do not know how to trigger that action from within Panorama X.

Is it possible? How?


— I see the forum exchanges concerning extracting data from web pages using java, but I just want to open the web page for a quick looksee.

— I have tinkered with url() but to no avail. Likely it is the wrong approach or I just don’t know where to put it.

— If it is possible at all, I would like to access the capability from the data spreadsheet page (presumably with an action), but if not then likely it will require a button in a form.

iMac, Mojave

You do not need a procedure that would open Safari. You only need a Pan X form with a Web Browser object (linked to your URL field).

If you really still want to open the url in Safari…

I have a database with a field I named theURLs containing the url data in the format “”. I made a new procedure titled OpenURL with this simple code:

openurl  theURLs

Now when I select this item from the Action menu it will open the url found in the theURLs field in my default browser. If I had the urls in an abbreviated format like only “” I would have to change the code to:

openurl "http://www."+theURLs

The openurl statement requires the absolute URL of the web page so that would have to be appended to the short format.

Success! Thank you KJM and gary.

Both are excellent solutions.

I went with the openurl search procedure so that I could stay with actions in the Data Sheet.

Thank you both.