Panorama X Pro Version 10.2.0b2 (3581)

My laptop is not recognize as a 10.2b user.  Desk computer is not presently available due to moving.


Pan 6 does not work because I am on Catalina.

Macbook Pro 2018

George Beauchemin

In the future when discussing the 10.2 version, please do so in the private Beta 10.2 section of the forum. I have moved this post into that private section.

I suspect that you may be having problems because you are using an old beta version. You mention build 3581, but the current build is 3643. Please download and install the 3643 version.

Sorry Jim,

But I seemed to be locked out since it did not recognize me.

I get this message.

Must be logged on to an account to run Panorama X Beta 10.2.0.b12.

I downloaded the latest version.

I get

Must be logged on to an account to run Panorama X Beta 10.2.0.b14.

I will try a reboot.

Panorama X 10.2 won’t let you launch if you aren’t logged on, and you can’t log on without launching. Fortunately, there is a solution. Go to and click the Download Trial button to download a copy of 10.1, if you don’t already have a copy. Use it to log on, and then you will be able to launch 10.2.

You saved the day Dave.

It is working. I am in the inner circle again.

Also updated to the latest beta 2584.

Thanks solving the Chicken and Egg Conundrum!