Panorama X on macOS 11.0 Big Sur

After upgrading to macOS 11.0 Big Sur, I noticed that when I click on a field in a record that the field I clicked on is not always highlighted which also means that the left, right, up, down keyboard arrows to move to other fields or other records do not respond.

A workaround seems to be to try to select any other field in any other record until it is highlighted after which the left, right, up, down keyboard arrows do seem to work.

It’s annoying but does not affect the data.

I confirm this report. Here is a GIF showing this behaviour.

When I upgrade to Big Sur, on both my 2019 MacBookPro and 2017 iMac the problem was similar but not exactly as you described. In the data sheet view only… the left and right arrow keys will not change the highlight cell, but if you use the up/down keys, the highlight will jump to the cell that you tried to move to. In other words, for the left and right arrow keys, the highlight is frozen until you use the up/down arrow keys or try to enter text. (when you do that, the highlight jumps to the correct cell) The keys work, but the left/right highlight is frozen on screen until another type of key is pressed.

I am seeing this as well.

Yep. Same issue,

Worth noting, that the highlight cell issue is cosmetic. If you use the left or right arrow keys, the active cell is in fact changing. It just fails to move the highlight to match the change.

I’m having the exact same issue. Pretty jarring since it majorly slows down my workflow having to use the mouse or double-tab.

I recently decided to upgrade from Mojave to Big Sur (11.4) and I’m having the exact same problem here:

When I’m on an active cell and move up or down in the same column either with the up or down arrows or with the mouse, the color moves and highlights the newly active cell.

When I do the same thing but move either left or right, thus changing columns, the highlight color stays on the previously active cell even though the active cell has changed as can be checked using the Enter key.

Hopefully, this problem, which apparently appeared with Big Sur, will be fixed in the next update of Panorama.