Panorama X needs the ability to import blueprints

Panorama X can only export blueprints and should be able to import them just like Panorama 6 could import and export source code.

Now, I export the blueprint of a large set of procedures, make global changes with BBedit, and then have to manually copy each procedure one by one from BBedit into the PanoramaX database.

You can use the File>New>New Database from Blueprint command.

Panorama X also still has the saveallprocedures and loadallprocedures statements, which work the same as they did in Panorama 6. You were probably using these with the View wizard. In Panorama X there are no menu items for these statements, but you could easily add a couple of procedures to your database if you wanted to continue to use them the same way.

When creating a database with the File>New>New Database from Blueprint command, the drop menu when clicking on “Action” in the menu bar is black and individual actions only show up in blue when scrolling down that black drop box. Is there a way to get this back to normal?

I’m afraid I cannot duplicate that problem. The Action menu works fine for me, including when a database has been created from a blueprint.