Panorama X mentioned on Apple World Today

This morning there was a news story about Panorama X on Apple World Today based on the press release sent out. I believe they may also publish a review in the near future.

If anyone is so inclined, you can go to this story and add a “like” simply by clicking on the heart. You can also add a comment. Panorama X could use your help in spreading the word!

I’ve set up a google alert to notify me when Panorama X is mentioned, but so far that isn’t working as well as I would have hoped. For example, it hasn’t alerted me to this story so far – I found out about it because someone that started the trial mentioned it. So far I know of 3 places where Panorama X has been mentioned.

  • MacInTouch
  • MacTech
  • Apple World Today

It’s also apparently been mentioned on, as there is some referral traffic coming from that site, but I cannot find where or what was said.

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