Panorama X is TEN years old today! 🎂

Ten years ago today, I made the first commit to what was to become the Panorama X git repository. So today is essentially Panorama X’s birthday!

That initial commit was just a few hundred lines of code, the first of almost 4,000 commits and over a quarter of a million lines of code so far. And more importantly, over the past ten years Panorama X use has spread over thousands of computers worldwide. :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

Soon Panorama X 10.2 Denali will be finished, then I’ll be looking forward to moving on with the next ten years of Panorama X development. :rocket:

Jim Rea
Founder, ProVUE Development


Congratulations Jim. Take a vacation in between the first and second ten!


They grow up so fast!

Congratulations Jim - and Thank You for all the effort that I know you’ve put into this.

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You think that was fast?? :rofl:

Congratulations Jim. The innovation that you have put into this software is nothing short of amazing.

Not to mention the conception and refinements!


Congrats Jim, it is amazing how fast time flies.

Congratulations Jim.

You have taken Panorama from the original OverVUE through Panorama 6 on an incredible journey to the current very reliable Panorama X 64-bit platform that will be the basis for an exciting Panorama future on new generations of Macs with Apple Silicon.

Thanks for your dedication and enthusiasm.

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