Panorama X IOS reader

Where would someone start, (or is it even possible from outside the Panorama offices) to make a reader for Panorama X files on IOS devices.
More and more I wish I just could access my files from my iPhone to view them (or even better, to write to them).
The App feels overdue, but for a non-programmer like myself, an almost insurmountable project.

Your thoughts appreciated.

Loyal Panorama user since 1993

While Panorama X Server is under development, there are some database apps available that can jump in and help. IMHO, the most important points are:

  • These apps should exist on Mac and iOS.
  • These apps must be able to import / export CSV files.
  • These apps should be able to synchronize data between the devices.

For myself, I have found Ninox and Tap Forms. Both apps are working very well. I export the data from Panorama X databases as CSV files and import the data into the Mac app, and the app synchronizes the data via iCloud or via the local WLAN to my iOS devices.