Panorama X Help menu

Using Panorama X 10.2ß under Mac Big Sur. Named as such in applications folder. Trying to use help menu, get no content. Just message saying URL is malformed. Fix was to remove “ß” from application name. Problem solved.

I was able to duplicate this. Apparently the “ß” character is not allowed in a URL. In fact there are many characters not allowed in a URL. Best to stick with the basics - A-Z, 0-9, etc. Other than letters and digits only these 22 characters are allowed (and macOS doesn’t allow : or /, so only 20 characters are allowed).


I’ve marked this down to be fixed. In the meantime, not only does the application itself need to have only characters that are legal in a URL, but any folders the application is placed in also need to have only legal characters. Since usually it’s in the /Applications folder this hasn’t been noticed before.