Panorama X Early Access Slots Available

Based on the statistics, there are several dozen of you that have signed up for this forum but haven’t yet requested a Panorama X early access slot. At the moment the queue is empty so if you sign up now you’ll get right in (unless I get a flood of responses to this). For instructions on how to sign up, see this page:

So far, I think the early access program has gone well. As anyone reading this forum can see, a lot of problems have been reported (and as of today, mostly fixed), but that also indicates that Panorama X is getting a lot of usage. In fact, total usage was about 950 hours in June, and 1,450 hours in July. August looks to be similar to July. This works out to around 15-20 hours per month per user, so that is quite a bit more than just tire kicking. If you’ve been thinking about jumping in, slots are available so now is a good time.

Jim Rea, Founder

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your invitation to Panorama X.

As an OverVUE user since 1985 and a Panorama user since 1988, I look forward to migrate soon to Panorama X.

I just filled out the forms to request a license to Panorama X.

Warm regards,


Jim, I viewed some of the videos. One thing I did not see was variable line depths. In Excel, if data exceeds the size of the box the line becomes the size of 2 or 3 lines. Does this happen or can it be made to occur?


PS: I signed up for the beta program and look forwards to helping out.

Thanks for the invite, I downloaded X and I’m anxious to evaluate. I’m confused though, I thought there would be a trial period to evaluate. It keeps asking me to solve a puzzle.