Panorama X crashes when too many objects in form selected

When I attempt to select objects in my form to move them, the program crashes. I recently made the jump to X from 6 and am learning there is a whole bunch in X I need to learn. Thx.

Yes, it does it for me, as well. You can get past it by selecting fewer objects at a time, but I am not certain what causes it.

I have not seen it in databases built originally in X, but I have not tested it enough. For the moment, I am avoiding the problem, knowing that at least the data does not get corrupted.

For what it is worth, there should be no limit to the number of objects you can select in a form. Panorama does not keep a separate list of selected objects that could overflow. The selection status of an object is simply an attribute of each object, like it’s color, height, font, etc. If selecting too many objects could make it crash, then i would also expect it to crash if too many objects were red, or too many used the font Helvetica, etc. I suppose you can never say something is impossible but I cannot imagine a mechanism that could cause a crash simply for too many selected objects.

I’ve seen you mention this more than once, I want to clear up a point here. ALL Panorama X databases are built originally in X. When bringing over a Panorama 6 database, Panorama X actually creates a brand new database. Panorama examines the Panorama 6 database, and then builds new fields, objects procedures etc. based on the specifications in the Panorama 6 database. Then the Panorama 6 database is discarded. NO component of the Panorama 6 database is incorporated into the Panorama X database. For example for form objects, Panorama will look at a Panorama 6 form object, see that it is 34 points hight, and create a new Panorama X object that is 34 points high. But the code used to create the new object is the same as if the new object was created from scratch in Panorama X.

This is different than upgrading from Panorama 1->2->3->6. In those cases, Panorama kept the old file and just made some adjustments to it. But in converting from X, it is not converting the old structure, just using it as a template to tell it how to build the brand new database. The point being, if there was some sort of corruption in the Panorama 6 file, that cannot be transferred to Panorama X. Only the specifications are transferred.

Imagine that you wanted to move a house across town. One method would be to jack it up and actually move it to the new location, adjusting for differences at the new site. The other method would be to measure everything and build a duplicate at the new location. This is what Panorama X does – measure and duplicate.

I’m running into this in a form with very few objects. If I lasso everything or choose Select All Objects, it crashes every time. It was imported form Panorama 6 but I’ve rebuilt the form in Panorama X and still get the crash.

I have the same problem. The number of objects to select is 35. I can select up to 1/2 the objects just fine. When I select more than that, X crashes.

While it is good to know that Panorama 6 forms are rebuilt when the file is imported into X, it does not solve the problem. I suspect it is a memory problem, and that it very well could be an Apple problem which affects Panorama X.

On the other hand, not everything in forms has come over from 6 without glitches. In some of my forms, Popup Menu items disappeared. Matrixes have not always worked as before. Tab orders have not been preserved. Text Editor objects might be editable once, and then not again.

I am struggling along with important databases being crippled, but it severely restricts what I can do.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it did. Just wanted you to provide additional clarity as to what the process is when Panorama 6 files are brought over.

Yes, this is now a known problem, I think I posted about that recently. It was never reported until a few weeks ago, and I missed it as well. Basically Panorama X created a new form with the default tab order, and never checked to see what the tab order was in Panorama 6.

I’m not saying that there cannot be conversion mistakes or issues when a Panorama 6 file is brought over. I’m just saying that any theoretical corruption in the Panorama 6 file cannot be brought over.

As I think I told you in a private email, that does not appear to be a problem with your form, but rather a problem associated with some specific procedures in your code. I’ve had some further thoughts about how to investigate the database you sent me, but haven’t had a chance to follow up.