Panorama X b35 release (build 4406)

I’ve uploaded Panorama X b35. For now, this is not hooked into the automatic update system, but if you wish, you can download it directly using this url and install it manually:

UPDATE - The b35 version has now been officially released through the automatic update system, and is published on the main web page.

This is a fairly small release that includes a handful of bug fixes as listed below. I’ve been using this release myself for over a week and it seems to work well, but since it was built with a different version of Xcode than previous versions I’m going to hold off on automatic updates for a day or two.

  • The File menu now correctly includes the Duplicate command (or Save As if the Option key is pressed).
  • When triggering a procedure from a form object, Panorama now automatically runs the code using the database associated with that form object (not any secret window that may happen to be open).
  • The Generation History dialog is now always scrolled to 0,0 (not sometimes shifted over to the left).
  • Fixed the Text Display AutoScrollToBottom option so that it is independent of the SelectableText option. (In any database saved with b34, the AutoScrollToBottom option will be set if the SelectableText option was set. This will have to be fixed manually by the user after upgrading to b35 or later.)
  • Documentation corrections from Laurence Veinott, Peter Newble, Craig McPherson.
  • Panorama X now compiled with Xcode 13 (Apple no longer supports notarization when using Xcode 12). This should not affect compatibility with older versions of OS X, Panorama X is still compatible back to 10.12 Sierra.

Thanks for the new version.

I noticed an issue with Menu Items keyboard equivalents: I was using cmd-# for one procedure. Now this Action menu item is showing a different key combination. It seems I can’t use the # key anymore to trigger a procedure from the Action menu. (This does not change when I apply modifier keys.)

This seems to affect the use of the * key as a keyboard equivalent in the Action menu, too.
Cmd-shift 8 is appearing there instead of my asterisk,
cmd-shift 3 is appearing there instead of my # — and this shortcut does not trigger my Action menu item then, but a fullsize screenshot.

When I unpacked the .zip archive, Keka asked me:

but this seems to affect that .webloc file only.

Duplicate gets an error for me. Saved or not I get this message:
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 2.20.43 PM

This seems to be related to the difference between the U.S. and German keyboards. On a U.S. keyboard, the # sign is upper case to the 3, and the * is upper case to the 8. The # on a German keyboard is found on the same key as the \ on a U.S. keyboard, and the * on a German keyboard is in the same place as + on a U.S. keyboard.

You might want to try changing # to \, and changing * to +, and see if that doesn’t cause cmd-# and cmd-* on your keyboard to trigger those procedures.

A good explanation for the mangled keys.

My keyboard equivalent setting (using # and *) has worked for years in PanX — until b35. So this is not a general problem with German or U.S. keyboards, but seems to be a bug in PanX b35.

I’ll wait and see. I always can go back to b34.

I was hoping you would try my suggestion anyway, as an experiment, to get a better understanding of what is happening.

Your theory is correct, and entering a backslash as keyboard equivalent in the procedure’s properties displays “#” in the Action menu, and cmd-# triggers my procedure. Thank you, Dave!

Dave, you should be on the payroll! :grinning:

Interesting. Works fine for me.

All my procedures (close to 4,000 lines of code) work like a charm with Panorama X b35 on my MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64GB DRAM running macOS 14.1.2.

At first glance, this was complete gibberish to me. What the heck is Keka?

So, one google search later and it turns out Keka is an archive/unarchive tool, kind of like Stuffit. Here’s the link for future reference.

I don’t know why Keka is asking what encoding to use for this file (it did the same for me, fortunately), but the good news is that this is an extraneous file anyway. In fact, there were a handful of extraneous files buried in the Panorama They didn’t actually hurt anything, they weren’t very big, but they aren’t needed, and I’m not sure how they got in there in the first place. Probably some development dead end that I didn’t properly remove, but I have no recollection of this. In fact, it took me a while to figure out how to remove them. But, they are now removed, Keka no longer displays this spurious prompt, and the next version of Panorama X will be a few bytes smaller. So thanks for the report!

One odd note – I assume you have been using Keka for a while? I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t have happened with any release of Panorama X for the last several years. Maybe it has something to do with the newer version of Xcode used for this release.