Panorama X Anniversary

On March 10, 2012 I created a new Git repository for what eventually became Panorama X, and checked in the first source code commit. So that was pretty much the first “official” day of Panorama X development, making today the sixth anniversary! It’s come a long way from that first commit, and I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

In other news, yesterday I gave a Panorama X presentation to the Los Angeles FileMaker Developer Group (FMDiSC). In spite of the fact that this group is all hard core FileMaker developers, or perhaps because of that fact, the reception was very enthusiastic. In fact, I was originally slotted for 40 minutes, with an unrelated panel discussion after, but at the 40 minute mark the group leader turned to the group and suggested that they allow me to use up the rest of the time instead, and that suggestion was approved by acclamation. So I wound up speaking for an hour and ten minutes, and I’m sure it could have gone longer but they had to vacate the room. I don’t imagine anyone in that group is going to give up FileMaker, but I think quite a few may be adding Panorama X to their arsenal. There were so many excellent questions! It wound up being one of the most fun Panorama presentations I’ve ever done. If any FMDiSC members wind up reading this, thanks for the invite and for your enthusiasm.


Happy anniversary Jim - if I was closer, I’d send you a dozen red roses :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hard work and for your confidence in the product. I’m sure you know how much enjoyment your users have had on the journey.


Congratulations too - Panorama X is an outstanding piece of work