Panorama X and Server

I started looking at Panorama X a few years back. It was still in development then. I am looking at it again and would like to know if it is fully operational and stable? I will also be requiring a server capability as I have many clients that will be accessing, modifying, deleting and adding records. Most of my client are road warriors so the ability to work off-line is critical. They will also need to automatically sync when an internet connection is available. Panorama X looks as though this is already operational,; I would like to ask if it is?

Is the server fully operational? What are the costs for both the database and server?


The Enterprise server for Panorama 6 works fantastically and has the features you desire. A Panorama X version of the server is currently being programmed but is not yet available.

Thanks for your reply. I really do not want to learn Panaorama 6 and then learn Panorama X - that is like going back to the future!!. Much rather start from the latest and continue to work forward. For now, I will go through the training of Panorama X, develop my databases, test them and then wait for the server. Any idea when it will be ready for testing or release? I will gladly put my hand up to be a guinea pig of the beta version.

Good progress is being made on Panorama X Server, that is the primary development focus now. The goal is to have it ready in Spring 2018.