Panorama X and Applescript

If I understand correctly a Panorama X procedure can be called by an applescript. What I would like to do is have an applescript executed from Numbers or from a hot folder open a Panorama X database, call a procedure, pass some data to the procedure and then return some data back to the applescript. How would I do this?

***** Im sorry, I just noticed that the answer to my question is in Panorama help. I will check this out and post again if I get stuck. *****

I am sending an Applescript that runs code in a Panorama X file that builds a text array cr() delimited.
I keep getting the error “Cannot return binary data”.

I have tried binarraytotext() and I get the error that it is not binary.


I would need to see the code in question to have any useful thoughts.

Thank you Jim, I figured it out, all I needed to do what add quotes.

Happy New Year!!!