Panorama X Account Passwords

I received a privately emailed question about Panorama X Account passwords, and I thought the information would be of general interest so I am posting it here.

When you set up a Panorama X account, you also need to specify a password. You can use any account password you want. Generally it is in your interest to use a unique and strong password, but you don’t have to – it’s up to you. It doesn’t have to match any other password you use for anything else (and for good security practices, it shouldn’t), and you can change the password whenever you want.

The account password is for your protection. First of all, you don’t want someone else running up charges on your account. Secondly, you can encrypt databases to your account, so if you do that, your login/password is what allows access to these databases.

Keep in mind that you will very rarely have to use your login/password. Basically the only time you will use it is when you set up a new machine. Once you set up a new machine, Panorama will remember it for you unless you explicitly log off. ProVUE never uses the password for anything except to verify your identity when you log on to a new machine.

Since you rarely use the password, you may forget it when you actually do need it. If that happens, you can use the Site License window to send an email to the account email address to initiate a password reset. You don’t have to be logged on to do this (obviously), but you do have to know the correct email address associated with the account, and have to be able to receive email sent to that address.