Panorama X 7 day trial

Panorama X offers a seven day trial, but doesn’t require the trial to be consecutive days. You can spread them out over as long a period as you want.

I’m mentioning this because I just noticed a person that started a trial back in October 2017, used it for a couple of days, and just now picked it up again and has used it for two more days of trial. He still has 3 days of trial left! Proof that we really mean it when we say you can spread your trial out as long as you want!!

Hmm. Panorama x has been out for over a year?
I love Panorama. Using it since Overvue on my Macs. :slight_smile:
But I’m 75 years old. I don’t have time to upgrade and spend a year sorting out this new very complicated and what appears to be buggy program. !!
I see nothing but problems posted and answered, and posted again.
It looks to me like it’s a huge, rest of my life commitment. :slight_smile:

There are still problems being posted and answered about Panorama 6, and elsewhere for Photoshop 6 which was ended year ago. It’s not a matter of buggy as much as it is a matter of user errors, an infinite variety of circumstances, various positions on the learning curve, etc.

Panorama does require you to learn some new tricks, but there’s an awful lot of what you’re likely familiar with under the hood. Use the built in Help system and I’m sure you’ll find the learning curve shortens a lot.

By my experience, there are not sufficient bugs to prevent me from putting it to work and trusting it.

I’m 76, and I’ve been using PanX since it came out with great success and pleasure. I warmly endorse everything Jim said, and wouldn’t join this thread except for the age issue. :older_man::grinning:

Well, what else are you going to do to fill in the time Bill? :slight_smile:

I’m 81 and you’ll see from my posts that I tend to forget more than I remember but it’s a very enjoyable journey.

I’m sure this comment was supposed to be made in fun, but I assume that most customers have a long list of things they would rather do than work on a database – spend time with family, go on vacations, do their main job, etc. The goal of Panorama is to make the database part easy and fast, so that you spend as little time on it as possible, leaving more time for other things.

I guess you are basing that impression on the fact that this forum is busy? Personally I think that is a good thing, it means that Panorama is getting used, a lot. People that aren’t using the software don’t ask questions. Panorama X reports usage statistics to us (anonymously) and those statistics show that the software is getting heavy and increasing usage, and also that the usage is skewed toward work periods, with drops during weekends and holidays. There was a significant drop over Christmas/New Year, but the usage went right back up on January 2nd. This would seem to indicate that people are depending on Panorama X for their work, rather than just experimenting or playing around. Panorama X certainly isn’t perfect or bug free, but then neither was any previous version of Panorama (or any software, for that matter). I have no hesitation in recommending Panorama X for production work – as you say, it’s been released for over a year.

Panorama X does have a modern user interface, rather than an archaic interface from 1986. What other software do you know that has a user interface unchanged from 30 years ago? The Panorama 6 user interface was so old and creaky that sales to new users had slowed to a trickle. Getting the word out is a slow process, but Panorama X is picking up new customers at a rate not seen since the Panorama 3 days. That’s a good thing, because without new customers this entire discussion would be moot. There’s a lot of old software that failed to adapt, and no longer runs in any form except on antique computers. That’s not going to happen to Panorama any time soon.

Of course, as long as you don’t upgrade your computer, no one is forcing you to upgrade to Panorama X. At a certain point, just keeping the same computer around without upgrading may be a viable option for some users, though it certainly isn’t an option for ProVUE as a business.