Panorama X 10.2.0 b39 Build 4486 Release Notes

The biggest change in this release is invisible to users - due to an unexpected change in Xcode it was necessary for ProVUE to develop a new system to compile, link and notarize for distribution. The new posixtask feature mentioned below was implemented to facilitate building this new system (and is now available for use by any Panorama user). Other minor changes in this release are listed below.

Note: This release is a candidate for the final 10.2.0 release. In other words, we will probably soon remove the “beta” designation from Panorama X 10.2.

  • New posixtask statement and function. This new feature allows shell scripts to be run in the background. The shell output (stdout and stderror) can be directed to a variable, and can even be displayed dynamically as the script runs so that you can monitor the progress of long tasks. Essentially you can now construct a Panorama window that works much like There is also a new stopposixtask statement and info(“posixtasks”) function.
  • The form Report constructor now generates tiles appropriate for a View-as-List form if that option is enabled. (For a regular, non View-as-List form, tiles for a printed report are constructed).
  • The pattern( function now displays values smaller than 2.225e-308 as zero when scientific or engineering notation is specified (previously a wrong value was displayed).
  • The webshare statement is now available for record locking in web procedures.
  • The join statement now works correctly when the “duplicate source key” option is set to “error”.
  • The startnewdatabasegeneration statement now throws a sensible error if you try to start a new generation when a new sharing generation is already in progress.
  • The cardexpirevalidate( function no longer thinks that credit cards expire a month early.
  • The View and Action menus now work correctly with form and procedure names that contain the } character.
  • The Auxiliary and Server panels in the Database Options dialog are now hidden when this dialog is opened for a library database. This prevents someone from accidentally sharing a library database to their server.
  • Panorama now automatically opens the Site License window if you try to use it when you are not logged in. (It was actually supposed to work this way all along, but it did not work reliably, so users were sometimes unaware that they weren’t logged in.)
  • Documentation corrections submitted by Gary Yonaites, David Scott, James Cook, Peter Newble, Robert Ameeti.

On three computers, the update installed properly. But stopping then restarting on two, the server is not loading the updated version. Even a Quit is not causing it to install the new server version.

On the third machine, the server had not been set up and running so no stop was necessary, but it also failed to load the new server version when the server was started.

I couldn’t find past references to this part of the update prices, but memory is that this is the prescribed way to update the server.

Update: When I manually deleted Panorama Server, then tried to start it, I got this dialog. As a result I remain on b38 for serving.
Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 7.48.02 AM

Non-expert but devoted user of Panorama here, ever since Overvue.
PanoramaX has been sending me updates to download, none of which have worked. I currently run …

Version 10.2.0.b33 (4268) which apparently dates to 2023. Yet there have been at least three or four Update messages sent to me since then, none of which worked. Now today (June 26,'24) I have received yet another “Download Update” for a …

Version 10.2.0.b39 (4486). Should I trust that this is really an Update and push that ‘Download Update’ yet again? I have hung back from using System 14, and am still on Ventura OS 13.6.7. Is that why these Updates fail to change my PanoramaX software?

-PeterU (musicologist)

I don’t know why it’s failing, but it’s certainly not because your operating system is too old. I’m still using High Sierra, and it works for me.

After you push the download button, and it finishes downloading, you should see this.

Pressing Install Update should get you an alert telling you that it will quit, install, and relaunch. When you dismiss the alert, it completes the installation.

The new version is initially downloaded to your Downloads folder, where it will look like this.

Pressing Install Update will move the application to your Applications folder, or wherever your current copy of Panorama resides. It will replace the current copy, and it will now have the name of the current copy. If this is the step that is failing, you could just manually drag the new version into the Applications folder, and change its name to something appropriate.

If it’s the download that is failing, you can go to

and click Download Trial. That’s only a trial if you don’t currently have a registered copy on your machine. Unzip the download if it isn’t already. Rename it to something appropriate and drag it into your Applications folder.

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Update was as smooth as silk with M2 MacMini and Sonoma 14.5

Closed all open files; checked for update and consistently get the spinning beachball…requiring a force quit. Mac OS 11.4 Big Sur

Disregard: rebooted and all is well.

This is now corrected, please try again. You don’t need to download a new b39 update, just stop and relaunch the server.

Worked like a charm. You’re the man!