Panorama X 10.2.0 b37 Build 4442 Release Notes

This release includes three new functions and about a dozen bug fixes.

  • New stringreverse( function reverses the order characters in a string of text.
  • New functions superdateunixtime( and unixtimesuperdate( convert between superdates and 13 digit UNIX epoch date/time values.
  • Fixed problem of some loops “stuttering” every 32nd time thru the loop. (This only occurred if loop was possibly infinite, i.e. “while forever”.)
  • Added Database, Spreadsheet, JSON and CSV as Spotlight keywords to the Panorama bundle. The will now show up in Spotlight if you type in any of these keywords.
  • Panorama now auto-generates a field name (A, B, C, etc.) if you enter empty name in field properties panel. (A field with an empty field name cannot be modified, so this should be avoided.)
  • The setfieldnames statement now ignores any empty names in the list of new field names (the existing field name will be unchanged).
  • When creating a new database from a text file with column names, any empty names are auto-assigned to A, B, C, etc.
  • The replacefirst(, regexreplacefirst( and regexreplacefirstexact( functions now work correctly even if the text to be replaced doesn’t exist in the text.
  • The Relational Workshop now allows a default of zero when looking up from a field containing dates.
  • When copy/pasting form objects, any procedure code in the objects will work properly right away. (Previously, you had to edit the code or the blueprint to get the code to work.)
  • The Open Corrections Window command (Panorama Help Window) did not work on one user’s computer, now it does.
  • The setdictionaryvalue statement can no longer be aborted before it finishes.
  • Documentation corrections from James Cook, Peter Newble.
  • Changed copyright date to 2024.
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