Panorama X 10.2.0 b15 Build 3656 Release Notes

This version must be manually downloaded and installed (as I expect for all beta downloads for the foreseeable future). Here is the link.

Remember – the beta versions will NOT update automatically. You must download the new release from the link above and then drag it into your Applications folder (or wherever you want it). Of course be sure to quit the previous version of Panorama before dragging the new version into place.

Also keep in mind that If you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or 10.16 Big Sur, a special step is needed the first time you run a new preview version. Because this preliminary version of Panorama X is not notarized, these versions of macOS will refuse to run it if you double click on it. Instead, you must right click on it and choose Open from the pop-up menu. This is only necessary the first time you run the new beta version after downloading. After the first time, you can open Panorama normally by double clicking on it or by double clicking on any Panorama database file.

To update Panorama X Server:

  • Start by updating

  • Launch Panorama X

  • Open the Preferences dialog, switch to the Server pane

  • If Panorama X Server is running, stop it

  • Start Panorama X Server. It will automatically update before launching.

This version includes one significant change, one important bug fix and a handful of minor changes:

  • When uploading a new sharing generation to the server, you now have the option to declare that this generation is “non-critical”, which means that the other clients do not have close or disconnect the database to allow the upload. These other clients will receive the update the next time they synchronize the database with the server, so there may be a period when different users are running with different generations. If a new database generation changes the field structure of the database, the non-critical option is not allowed, in other words, a field structure change is always “critical” (since the server could not possibly work with different clients that have different field structure). If the sharing generation is “critical”, then all other users must close or disconnect before the generation is uploaded. After the upload, the clients can re-open/re-connect and will immediately receive the critical new generation, ensuring that all open clients have the critical changes to the database structure. Note that so far, this new feature has NOT been documented, for now, the documentation still reflects the old mode of operation, where every generation is critical and requires closing/disconnecting all other users.
  • Fixed display and editing of negative numbers < -1000 when there is no output pattern.
  • Fixed pop-up menus for Auto Save Timeout, Auto Lock Timeout and Auto Close Delay in the Server Preferences value so that they don’t cause an error if the underlying value has never been set.
  • The Find & Replace dialog now resizes correctly.
  • New function info(“customfunctions”). Not included in the documentation yet, but it should be pretty straightforward.
  • Another attempt to get Panorama to launch with no error if the unix user name contains a space.
  • Documentation corrections from Mark de Jong and Craig McPherson.

As it has happened to me repeatedly, I thought I’d share for others to know that these betas have required that I attempt to Open the new Panorama for the ‘first’ time two times. The first time I do not get the option to Open but only get informed that it can not be opened. The 2nd attempt to open it then works with the dialog giving me an Open option.

All of this with the Control Click or Rt Click open on the Panorama icon.

I have the same experience - double-clicking the icon, no CTRL or right click.

The Non-Critical options is really useful. No longer do I have to worry about herding the cats and get them to log out for most changes. Nor do I have to terminate their session when they have not responded to my request to close a database.

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