Panorama X 10.1 beta build 2796 (Summary/Crosstab/Chart fixes)

I’ve uploaded a beta version with some changes related to charts. This version will not automatically update, you have to download it from this link and download and install it manually.

  • In this version, the Summary Workshop and Crosstab Workshop will work properly with non-standard field names (field names that include spaces, punctuation, etc.)

  • Each of these wizards has a new menu command Display Chart in Browser. This command only appears when a chart is being displayed, it will display that same chart in your standard browser (usually Safari).

  • I may have fixed the “no chart display” problem that has been reported by two of you reported. I managed to reproduce this problem under the debugger one time. Since I couldn’t reproduce the problem reliably, I can’t be 100% sure that it is fixed. But I definitely fixed a problem – hopefully it is the same one that @geoffearl and @curlypaws ran into. Please let me know if charts work for you now.

Yes it works!! Thank you kindly. It’s raining so I can play with it.

Works for me too. Back to playing with the new 10.1 features.

Sadly doesn’t fix it for Mojave - but I’m happy to wait until Apple finish the beta period and it is actually a supported OS.

What if you use the new Display Chart in Browser command? Does that work? (You have to select the chart option first, then this command will appear in the Summary or Crosstab menu (depending on which wizard you are using).

Ah, sorry Jim - I’d forgotten that you mentioned that option. It works perfectly and I see a lovely chart in the browser. Thanks very much - I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this.