Panorama X 10.1.2 Build 2854 Release Notes

Panorama X 10.1.2 (Build 2854) is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

This version is mostly about bug fixes, the most important of which is that charts now display properly in Mojave. There are also a couple of new emoji functions, and support for the .ModifyFill procedure is now included. Internally, there is also significant new code for the upcoming Panorama X Server, but that is all invisible for now and doesn’t affect single user operation.

  • Fixed direct formula display in Web Browser Object, it was broken in Mojave (not sure why it worked on any version of macOS). This fix also restores display of charts in Mojave.

  • Added explicit support for emojis. The new expandemojis( and emojicheats( functions convert between actual emojis like like :smile:, :purple_heart:, :thumbsup: and emoji abbreviations like :smile:, :purple_heart:, :thumbsup:, etc. The chr( function now works with emoji characters.

  • The chart( function no longer interprets a negative value in the first line of chart data as a column title.

  • Panorama now runs the .ModifyFill procedure (if it exists) after operations that modify an entire field. (This only happens for operations initiated manually by the user, not when these operations are performed within a procedure. If a procedure needs to call .ModifyFill, it must do so explicitly. There is a new statement, RunModifyFill, that will do this for you.)

  • When referencing an already open database, Panorama now allows .pandb to be included as part of the filename. For example farcall "xyz.pandb","test" will work if the xyz database is open.

  • Dragging to the Text Import wizard now works even if the wizard isn’t the topmost Panorama window.

  • If a field has the Editable option unchecked, you will no longer be able to paste into it in the data sheet, or to cut, delete or clear it. If you try these operations, you’ll just get a beep.

  • The alignment options for the rectanglealign( function are now case insensitive, so for example either center or CENTER now works. This also carries thru to the zoomalign statement.

  • Allow holding down the control key to pop-up the menu in summary/crosstab lists, (previously only right clicking would work).

  • Panorama 6 Installer wizard updated to download from server instead of, also updated to so Help panel shows new Classic help page, instead of the old Code7 page.

  • The info(“proceduredatabase”) function now correctly returns the database name when called from a drag receiver object.

  • When Using a File>New>New Empty Database, the inspector panel for the newly created A field now contains the correct information (field name, type, and other options).

  • The Field Menu is now truncated when a Form window is open. Everything that is field specific is eliminated, leaving only the sort dialog, summarize and analyze dialog, etc. All field specific operations are only available in the data sheet.

  • Panorama X now has the CFBundleSignature (creator code) ‘PANX’ so that Apple Events can be sent to it. (This change does not affect AppleScript, only Apple Events sent directly by other programs outside of AppleScript.)

  • Removed duplicate “puzzle” images that were taking up extra space for no reason.

  • Added printpvaddress C routine that will convert an address (64 bit integer) into hex with an emoji on the end. Should be handy for internal debugging.

  • Documentation corrections submitted by Eric Werner, Michael Kellock, Thomas Cooper, Bruce De Benedictis, James Cook, Craig McPherson and Laurence Veinott – thank you all.

Thank you, Jim, for the new version with all those bug fixes and improvements. I am very happy that charts are working again in Mojave.

For me, there is one more annoying bug waiting to be fixed: Image Display objects do still not print in Mojave.

This bug is affecting one of my databases that is used to print a member list with thumbnail photographs, but since Mojave, it has stopped to print those images. All written information prints O.K., but the Image Display object on the form does not print. The images are displayed correctly on screen, but they remain blank in the print / saved PDF file. (The Image Display object is arranged correctly inside the data tile and has worked well — before Mojave.)

As a workaround, I now have to re-transfer the member data to Panorama 6 where I can print that list successfully.

For me the Image Display not printing is not a mere annoyance, it is critical to what I have been developing for over a year. I do not have a Pan 6 fallback.