Panorama X 0.1.032 Build 2361 Release Notes

Panorama X 0.1.032 is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

There are no major new features or significant new documentation in this version, but lots and lots of bug fixes. In addition to the specific items mentioned below, significant work was done to increase stability and reduce crashes.

  • Implemented Time Stamp field, a feature that was included in Panorama 6. To enable or disable this feature, use the File>Database Options dialog (General). Only an integer field can be used for time stamps. If a Panorama 6 database has this feature enabled, it will now transfer when the database is imported into Panorama, however, if you have a database that you already imported you will have to enable this manually.

  • New imageinfo( function returns a dictionary with all sorts of information about the specified image file.

  • New imagedimensions( function returns the height and width of an image file.

  • New dictionaryfromarray( function initializes a dictionary from a two dimensional text array.

  • PrintToPDF statement now supports the Copies option, allowing multiple copies to be printed when printing directly to a printer.

  • Panorama databases now remember the page setup information when the database is saved. Note: Unlike Panorama 6, there is only one Page Setup for the entire database – there is no longer separate page setup information for every form. (However, you can now use the PrintToPDF statement to do printing with custom options on demand.)

  • A transparent pop-up menu button object now works correctly if it is overlaid on top of another object.

  • Grouped objects now print correctly.

  • Fixed the Propagate Up and Unpropagate Up menu commands (they were doing regular propagate down).

  • Corrected the documentation for the pinrectangle( function – the parameters were reversed.

  • GroupDown statement was not tracking the field name that was grouped, so the outline menu did not work correctly when doing Group Down.

  • Problem that for some users caused the Object Library to appear empty until a search was performed has been fixed.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause erratic selection in Text List objects.

  • The openfile statement now correctly recognizes that a database is already open, even if you included the path as well as the filename, or if the .pandb extension is included. If the database is already open, it’s topmost window is brought forward, or if it didn’t have any open windows, the last save windows are re-opened.

  • The tagdata( function is no longer confused by empty tags.

  • Data input no longer crashes if the Input Range contains an odd number of characters. In that case, the last character is ignored. For example an input range of AZaz0 is the same as AZaz.

  • Accented characters can now be entered into data cells by holding down the key and then picking the accented character from the pop-up windows. Also, text shortcuts can now be used in the data sheet without crashing.

  • In the data sheet, pressing an option key character now opens the Input Window and types in the correct character.

  • Clicking on a tab panel button now closes any Text Editor object that is currently editing, making sure that any changes are saved. (Note that this does not happen if the tab panel is switched programmatically, in that case the program should make sure that this happens correctly.)

  • Fixed split views so that you cannot collapse the main view by dragging the splitter all the way to the left.

  • Converted project from Xcode 6 to Xcode 8, and from OS X 10.10 SDK to macOS 10.12 SDK.

Thank you, Jim, in particular for the bellwether.


Is there a reason that the input range is not checked for an uneven number of characters when leaving that dialog? Whenever I hear that a program is going to ‘ignore’ a user’s want, it seems that perhaps something more could have been done.

So if a program is changing the tab panel, what is the best way to insure Text Editor objects are closed? closeactiveobject?

There is no dialog. There could be a little alert icon next to the item that indicated there was a problem. However, I am not going to spend time on something like that until a couple hundred more major items are addressed.

By the way, I just checked, and Panorama 6 has worked the way Panorama X does now for 30 years, for whatever that is worth.

Yes, closeactiveobject is the way to do it.