Panorama X 0.1.029 Build 2203 Release Notes

Panorama X 0.1.029 is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

The focus of this release is documentation. There are several hundred pages of new documentation, including Image Display, Text List, Matrix, Tab Panel and Report Tile objects. At this point virtually all new Panorama X form (graphics mode) features are fully documented. Data Arrays are also now fully documented.

This release also includes a number of minor new features and bug fixes:

  • Added Column Stats dialog to data sheet for numeric fields (total, count, average, std deviation). Simply right click on a numeric cell to see the statistics.

  • Implemented the WindowToBack statement.

  • The Text Export wizard now only looks in the first line of text to decide whether the text is tab or comma delimited.

  • Fixed insert and delete fields so that they work properly even if the user is editing the field name at the time they are used. To accomplish this, the datafocus statement was created.

  • The info(“availablescreenrectangle”) function now correctly excludes the dock from the returned rectangle.

  • Text Editor objects can now display the text in any color (by setting the object color – this is not rich text). Unlike Panorama 6, the text is still colored as it is edited.

  • The “Across” printing mode now works even with multiple page reports.

  • The Notes property now works properly in blueprints and when using the setfieldproperties statement.

  • New Line object property – LineSlope, can be Positive or Negative. If Positive, the line slopes up, if Negative, the line slopes down. This property appears in blueprints, and can be used in objectinfo(, newformobject, changeobject, and changeobjects.

  • The setdictionaryvalues statement now allows multiple key/value changes to be made in a single statement (the code always allowed this, but the comment header was wrong).

  • The GoForm statement now sets the window title to the target form name (unless a title option is specified, in which case it changes to whatever is specified).

  • Fixed the lineitemarray( function so that it can work with any separator, not just carriage returns. Also this function now just outputs numbers and dates in “raw” format, not using the field’s output pattern.

  • When a procedure window is active, items in the File menu that are not applicable are now disabled.

  • Fixed the cgilink( function.

  • Fixed the htmldatatable statement.

  • Multiplication and subtraction added to the help file.

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Does it also exclude the menu bar?

The v 0.1.029 documentation notes that the arrayfilter( function has been modified. Unfortunately, it’s broken - this code:

a = "1,2,3,4,5"
b = arrayfilter(a,",",?(import()>"3","",import()))

returns an error message, “No value for import( function”. The arrayfilter statement is OK.

Michael, when using the arrayfilter( function the formula has to be quoted:

b = arrayfilter(a,",",{?(import()>"3","",import())})

Thank you Jim for the Matrix documentation. I have one question. for Matrix Database Integration, Using a Matrix to Display Another Database - the documentation says to NOT use Pass Thru. When I deselect Pass Thru the matrix object flashes 3 times and the searching doesn’t work.

Why do I always forget that?


Calories Statistics?

Calories is just a numeric field in that database. You can right click on any cell in any numeric field, choose Column Statistics from the pop-up menu, and you’ll get that dialog (but with whatever field was selected, not Calories).

Yes, info(“availablescreenrectangle”) excludes both the dock and the menu bar.