Panorama used for a pedigree?

Has anyone ever used Panorama to set up a pedigree?

I run a beekeeping business with focus on honeybee queen breeding in Denmark.

I have used Panorama for the last 6 years to log observations of hundreds of individual bee queens’ behaviours and properties. Every time I manage the bees, I log records of up to 25 properties for each queen.

Now, I want to develop a pedigree, which shall enable me to show the inheritance of each individual bee queen for the last 5-6 generations in a form with a family tree.

How do I organise such a pedigree in the datasheet? Should I have one database for each year and relate to the inheritance backwards for each year? Or would it be possible to design a structure within one datebase with all records from all of the respective years?

It should be added that when a mating is done between two breeder queens, you would normally make a series of 20-50 new queens, which are all in theory alike, as they are sisters. From those, you pick the best 2-4 queens. So the database must be able handle series of sisters with the same inheritance, too. However they al have unique ID numbers.

To make it worse, many of my queens are have family relations within the last 2-5 generations, as inbreeding is used.

I would really appreciate a helping hand. Thank you.

Lars Jensen