Panorama update

It seems like forever waiting for a new version of X. Any projected date for an update? Thank you

I got out of the date projection business a long time ago. This is a big update, and big updates take more time than any of us like. An announcement won’t be made until it’s time for people sign up for the preview version. In other words, the announcement will be “sign up right here, right now.” That should be soon, but I won’t have an exact date until it actually happens.

A possible new wrinkle is OS Big Sur. I, and apparently every HP printer owner, can no longer print with this new OS. Of course this isn’t Panorama’s problem. But I’m guessing it will “become” a Panorama problem when people can’t print from PanX.

Hey Jim, Happy ThanksGiving :slight_smile:
Those who have been around the block a few times know they’d rather have things right than have them in a hurry.

There is no general issue between Big Sur and HP printers. I own a HP Envy 5010, and it prints and scans perfectly with my Big Sur Mac.

Maybe you should have a look if HP is providing a newer driver software for your printer.

I don’t have an HP printer, but recently I read that there was an issue where Apple mistakenly cancelled the certificate used by HP printers so all HP printers stopped working on any version of macOS recent enough to require certificates (so not just Big Sur, but definitely also Catalina and maybe Mojave too). I think every HP printer user had to download and install new drivers. Here is one of many stories about the HP issue:

This is the second time Apple has mistakenly disabled 3rd party software in the past few months. In the previous instance anyone that launched apps from a particular long time Mac developer (Charlie Monroe) was alerted that the app would damage their computer! Though Apple issued a new certificate in less than a day, all users of those apps had to re-download the apps to get them working again, and as far as I know Apple never issued either a private or public apology, or any kind of public acknowledgement. I sure hope Apple is working on changing their decision flow to make this type of mistake less likely.

Here are some of the stories about the problem with Charlie Monroe’s developer certificate.

Now I’m on delicate ground because this isn’t a Pan issue. But … once I couldn’t print I did check sources like MacInTouch and Apple Community and found post after post of people having the same issue. And Yes, I went to HP’s site and followed their directions - including using their software to remove the current driver and install “the latest” and NO, it didn’t work - got to the last step and BigSur wouldn’t add the printer.

As I’m getting notifications of Apple Community posts - this is still a problem.
You might be a lucky one.

There are posts that direct a user to go into terminal mode and change some parameters to allow the system to accept the printers.

But I’ll just wait for Apple/HP to work it out. Meanwhile - I can still print just fine on my older High Sierra OS.