Panorama/Javascript interface documentation

The help page for web browser objects tantalisingly states at the end:

To learn more, see Panorama/JavaScript Interface

but unfortunately that’s a link to a non-existent anchor on the same page. I see a training video covering this subject was made five years ago. Has anything been written up since?

There is no additional material at this time.

The web browser object uses an Apple class called WebView. Apple has now replaced this with a new class called WKWebView. On iOS they have discontinued WebView, but for now macOS contains both of these classes. I think this is because WKWebView does not include all of the features that WebView has, and some popular web authoring apps will completely break if WebView is discontinued. WKWebView uses a somewhat different communication interface from WebView. Apple has stated that they plan to discontinue WebView, but so far has not made any move to add the additional features to WKWebView. So the future on this topic is rather cloudy.

I’m mentioning this because presumably Panorama is going to need to switch to WKWebView at some point, and I’m not sure how (or if) that will affect the Panorama/JavaScript interface. So at a minimum, I don’t plan to write any additional documentation for this until this question is cleared up.

Thanks. Yes, that makes sense.