Panorama Income Tax files

I have been doing taxes for several customers for 30 years using Panorama instead of Turbo Tax. I am done with my 2023 taxes using Pan 6 but have not yet tried to convert this package to Pan X. Pan X does not support many of my file features, especially the View as List form and may not support all the check boxes needed by the tax forms. I would gladly offer my package for free to anyone who wants to do their own taxes using Pan 6 and can convert everything to Pan X. I use a “Results” file that is automatically updated with my sales and expenses that then transfers all of the information to the appropriate lines of the tax forms. With Pan 6, one can manually enter their year totals into the December month column. I support IRS Forms 1040, 4652, 8895, 8949, Schedules 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, D, E, F, J, SE plus California Form 540, Schedule CA and others.

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It’s great that you’re offering your package for free to others who want to do their taxes using Pan 6. However, it’s important to note that Panorama X, the successor to Panorama 6, is a different software with different features and capabilities. It may not be possible to directly convert your Pan 6 package to Pan X without making significant changes to your existing system.

If you’re interested in converting your package to Pan X, you may want to reach out to the Panorama community or support team for guidance on how to do so. They may be able to provide assistance or resources to help you make the transition.

Alternatively, you could continue using Pan 6 for your taxes and offer your package to others who also use Pan 6. Many people may still find it useful, especially if they are familiar with Pan 6 and prefer its features over Pan X.

I am a panorama 6 user and I would appreciate getting a copy of your program. How do I contact you?
H. Boitel.

Greg I would love to have a copy of your databases