Panorama Help Tutorials

I just got back into Pan X after the great course awhile ago.

There is a learning curve even after decades with Panorama. I go back to the overVUE days.

Silly question, is there supposed to be sound when using the PanX Help and PanX Tutorial?

I get sound with the Panorama X Video Training.


George Beauchemin

I think you are referring to the autoplaying animated screen shots embedded into the documentation? No, those do not have sound – they are animated GIF’s with no sound. My goodness, creating hundreds of animated screen shots was time consuming enough without also adding sound! Also, since those animations are all auto-playing, and many pages have multiple animations, you would have cacophony! Everyone would be throwing tomatoes at me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was just a question. NOT a criticism.

Understood Jim. There is more than enough cacophony going around these day Globally (and not meaning Global Variables!).

Thank you.

George Beauchemin

I understood that, just having a bit of fun with my answer, or at least trying to.

On a serious note, I’m kind of disappointed that all those animated GIF’s haven’t gotten more attention (in reviews, etc.). I haven’t seen any other documentation that makes such extensive use of that technique, which I think really adds a lot of value to the content. Pure videos are great when you want to take the time to study, but they are not very good when you need to find a specific piece of information in a hurry. With animation, the Panorama documentation gives you the benefit of written documentation while still “showing” you how a task is performed.

I can’t speak for the reviewers but I believe that I can for the users.

My theory is that we (the users) are a bunch of spoiled brats (please don’t anybody take offence at that). Jim, your software is extraordinarily good, your documentation started out good and rapidly went to astonishingly good, we can commune daily with the CEO and chief programmer, we can get the software modified to suit our individual requirements, etc., etc.

I think we now take all of these things for granted and the day that a little ProVUE man jumps out of my iMac and starts writing my code, I’ll just think, “Yep, that’s Panorama for you.”

I, for one, have enormous admiration for everything that you do and it’s been a great joy to have had you as a pen-friend for this last 30 years.

The day that happens you need to call a crack hazmat containment team immediately, and alert the national authorities. And if you could let me know, I’d appreciate it, so I can get a head start on running like hell in the opposite direction!!! Maybe I can hitch a ride off-planet on the next launch at Vandenberg, now scheduled for no earlier than Tuesday, Jan 8.