Panorama Help Not Working

PanX, Ventura, Safari

Anyone else having trouble with Panorama Help?
The main window is blank and stays that way, even though the sidebar on the left still functions ie: I can type in a search topic, the results appear in the sidebar, but nothing in the main window before or after clicking on a subject.

I haven’t been back to my work computer since I posted, but Pan X Help is working fine on my home computer using Mojave and Safari 12.1.2 -and now I see the notification about dropping 13 and under.

After searching for and selecting a topic, I have occasionally (not often) had the body of the Help window be empty, even though the sidebar lists the topics for the selected topic. Quitting PanX and restarting resolves the problem.

That worked. Thanks.
Anyone figured out a way to fix without restarting?