Panorama Help file opens with reduced width Web Browser Object

With the latest version (0.1.024 [1929]) when I open the Help file for the first time it opens with the Web Browser Object’s width truncated to 439 pixels as shown in this screen shot.

Closing and reopening the Help file window or the file itself then opens it the normal full width size.

It seems to happen if I open Panorama to a file with a form and not if I open to only the datasheet.

I saw this also, but now I cannot duplicate it, at least not in the development version :frowning:

Nevertheless, I made a change that I hope fixes the problem. But since I couldn’t reliably duplicate the problem, I can’t say for sure that my change will fix the problem. At least it doesn’t seem to make the problem worse. So keep your eyes open for this when the next release comes out.

EDIT: Oh darn, I was just able to duplicate this again. So my fix did not work. I thought it had something to do with the inspector panel incorrectly appearing, but now I think this might be a problem with elastic windows.

Ok, I think I have fixed this by fixing issue #202. So a twofor :relaxed: