Panorama Hanging

I’m working on a file converted from Panorama 6. One certain statement (that has been working for years in Pan 6) causes Pan X to hang. Most menu items are grayed out, but Quit still works.

A 2nd problem with this file is when it opens a second file for access. If the second file is open, all is OK, but if my routine opens it, Pan X crashes after opening and accessing the file.

The statement that hangs it is:
gPageNums = arraydelete(gPageNums,arraysearch(gPageNums,array(gSkipList,i,gPNSP),1,gPNSP),1,gPNSP)

I have prepared a slimmed-down copy of my files to submit to ProVUE if that is OK, just wanted to check before sending anything in. It is fully commented to explain the problems.

This means the program is stuck in an infinite loop. Panorama X 10.2 now disables all menu items when a program is running (so that you don’t accidentally interrupt the operation of your program), so it could be that this procedure always caused an infinite loop, but you never noticed before.

I suspect that you’ve found the same bug in arraydelete( that Robert Ameeti found. Kind of surprising that no one noticed this for years and now it’s bit two users in 10 days.

On the other hand, I just looked at the crash reports from your system and it looks like it is not the arraydelete( that is crashing. In fact, it looks like the crash is occuring in a Text Display object.

If you have a slimmed-down copy that reliably demonstrates the problem, yes, please send it in, along with instructions. Be sure to compress to a .zip file.

I tried the SHIFT-CMD-ESC keys to stop a loop, but nothing happened. Then I narrowed it down (using debug stmts) to the statement I mentioned.

I’m attaching the files here, I hope that is the correct way to send them. I thought I once saw a special address for submitting files, but couldn’t find it after searching the forum. Forgive me if this is not the correct way to send files in, and let me know if I should use a different address.

Just open the “JEMA Directory” file, and see my light-blue comments in the Entry form.

Thanks much!

—dave scott

(Attachment is missing)

OK, replying to the forum e-mail is not the correct way to submit a file.

The forum doesn’t accept email attachments. You must send them directly to support [at] provue [dot] com.

OK, will do, thanks!