Panorama Direct Images

Hi all,

This has probably been answered somewhere … but I was unable to find the answer. :slight_smile:

I have a database generated in Panorama Classic that displays images using “Flash Art SuperObject

The images display perfectly when the database is opened in Panorama.

However, when the same database is opened with “Panorama Direct”, all the images have colored checkerboard backgrounds. (This is true with either the Mac or Windows version of Panorama Direct)

All copies of Panorama Direct have been purchased and have licensing.

Do they each need the “Panorama Enhanced Image Pack” enabled?

Or is there something else going on?

Thanks for your assistance!

– Mark

Yes. That checkerboard means you don’t have the Enhanced Image Pack enabled.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your prompt help. Once again. :slight_smile:

@admin: how do I enable the “Enhanced Image Pack”? :smiley:
(I’ll send an email.)


– Mark