Panorama crashes, file seems to have disappeared

I’m running Panorama X 10.1.1 on High Sierra 10.13.6, 2015 MacBook Pro. When I try to open a particular database Panorama immediately crashes and that file no longer appears in the documents. I’ve tried opening data sheet only by right clicking that option which gives me the same crash. This file has also disappeared from Time Machine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as the missing database contained work that will be impossible to replicate. Thank you.

In another Panorama X file, create a procedure which contains just this statement:


When you run this procedure, you’ll get a dialog box - navigate to your problem file and double-click it. If it opens (no guarantee), check out its .Initialize procedure which may have a closefile statement hiding somewhere. If nothing else, put a stop statement at the top of the .Init and try opening the file again.

David has sent me this file earlier this morning, it definitely crashes when opening just the data sheet. The file has no procedures or forms, just data. Fortunately I was able to open the file using the opensecret statement, then I was able to export the data using the File>Export dialog. I have sent him this text file.

Considering all of the symptoms (there were more listed in his email to me) I suspect that the original problem may be outside of Panorama.

Thank you, Jim. I’ve been using Panorama since 2006 and it has been flawless through system crashes and the death of a laptop. Not surprised that the problem source is elsewhere. I’ll report back when I’ve had time to work through this. I’m a pretty uneducated user, and will have to proceed slowly and do some studying.

Thank you Michael. I did also send the full crash report to Jim and received a quick reply. This company and community is pretty impressive. Looks like I will have to figure out how to work with procedures which is something I’ve been putting off, having attained vast age before the epoch of computers. I’ll report back to this forum when I’ve resolved the problem or come up with questions I can’t figure out from the documentation.