Panorama crashes at startup

I need help, Panorama crashes almost immediately after startup and I can’t recover it. This is what I’m getting for a brief time, before it crashes.

I already tried the following:

Deleting the Preferences files…

Deleting the Library/Application Support/PanoramaX Folder
Deleting and downloading a new copy from

Restarting the computer and installing from scratch.
Are there any other preferences or files that I need to delete to have a clean install?

Update, I figure it out and was able to recover Panorama.

The “corrupted” preference file com.provue.PanoramaX.plist was being recovered every time I tried to open panorama.

This file was located under Library/Autosave. Once I deleted the file, I copied my backup preference file back to the Library/Preferences folder and everything went back to normal.

Do. you mean Librrary/Autosave Information?

CleanShot 2023-02-04 at 18.19.26@2x

I’ve never looked in that folder before, but sure enough, there is a copy of Panorama’s preferences in there, as well as a few other apps preference files.

Using High Sierra, my Autosave Information folder is empty, so saving preference files there is apparently a relatively recent feature.


Actually, it is ~/Library/Autosave Information.

The preference files found there are very small (2 - 4 kb). I found unsaved documents in this folder, too, but no Panorama X file.

(The Panorama X plist file in the Preferences folder is about 2 MB in size.)

I think this is just a place where some autosave information (name and contents of an unsaved file) is saved.

Yes, Library/Autosave Information folder.