Panorama Course Sessions to resume Tuesday, March 23 at 1PM California time

Now that Panorama X 10.2 b14 has been released, I’m planning on resuming the online Zoom courses again, starting a week from Tuesday. There will be some changes from before.

The primary change is that I’ve decided to only conduct 2 sessions per week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I simply cannot sustain the pace of 4 sessions per week.

Since there will be only one session per day, I’ve moved the start time to 1 PM, a bit later than before. Another advantage of running only one session per day is that will allow for flexibility to run long, which seemed to happen frequently.

If you’re not signed up for the server course, please watch the schedule closely because you won’t have a course every Tuesday and Thursday. For example, the first session next week will be a server course, so there will be no session at all next Tuesday if you are only signed up for the 10.2 course. I will try to announce the exact topic schedule as early as possible but since I am constructing the syllabus on the fly there will undoubtably be changes along the way.

So far I’ve got 65 slides ready for next Tuesday’s session. I’m quite excited about the material! Looking forward to getting back to it!