Panorama Cloud Hosting?

I am considering Panorama X as backend for a web app, but do not want to co-locate and manage my own server. I tried to google for cloud hosting services, but did not find any, or at least I did not search correctly.

Is anyone using a reliable host that supports Panorama server?


Panorama X Server has not been released yet, so there definitely isn’t any cloud hosting available. The Panorama software requires macOS, so you would not be able to host it on a Linux based hosting service. There are quite a few hosting services that offer Macintosh hosting – Mac Mini Vault (used by ProVUE for, MacStadium, We Host Macs, Mac Colo, Colocation America, Mac Mini World and I’m sure others.

Thanks for your response. I will take a look at these hosts.

Also, when the server is available, will be able to write my own custom web pages and use javascript calls (fetch, XMLHTTPRequest…) to add/retrieve records, search (basically CRUD operations), or am I limited to only building pages using the Panorama Forms approach?

Thanks for all your dedication to this great tool…

You can code your web responses any way you want. Hopefully Jim Cook will chime in here since he has done extensive AJAX programming (XMLHTTPRequest) with Panorama Server.

Good news…I look forward to seeing a few example snippets at some point.

First of all I must say that Panorama’s ability to render html pages is very impressive. In spite of that I’ve always rolled my own.

Typically I build templates for the html pages with markers where Panorama is to insert data. The markers can be the names of fields, the results of formulas or the names of variables. I make heavy use of inserting variables where I’ve had Panorama put together a javascript or piece of one that is based on the circumstances. A popup menu might need a list of different choices for one user versus another.

Panorama can write any scripts I care to utilize and I’ve got it writing PHP, javascript, AJAX, JSON, CSS… for the generated pages. On the server I’ve got it working with Python or shell scripts to accomplish tasks. There really are no limitations that I’ve run into.

Receiving data is unlimited too. I can use it to update a single record or to make entries into a set of databases. You have everything Panorama can do available before it sends back a response; or after.