Panorama Backup

Not being very familiar with Panorama, I’m wondering what is the best way to create a backup of Panorama and if there is a way to automate the process so that it doesn’t have to be done manually? Perhaps create a backup every 2 or 4 hours via some automated process or if there is commercial software on the market that can properly backup Panorama on a scheduled basis so that if a restore is needed, Panorama will properly recognize and used the restored data? Thanks.

Time Machine is the most obvious of your choices since it can back up everything multiple times a day.

In addition to that, I use ChronoSync to do scheduled backups of selected items. You can choose any schedule for any thing. I have some set for once a day, and others set for once a week. Some to other computers, some to other drives. It’s a good, reliable piece of software.

Thanks for the reply. I failed to mention that Panorama lives on a network drive, not on the MAC hard drive since it was desired by the office owner to have Panorama accessible from either of the two MAC mini’s that are used in this real estate office. So, from what I know of Time Machine, it can’t backup from a Network drive. That being the case, can ChronoSync backup from a network drive to say, a locally attached USB drive? Thanks.

ChronoSync can easily handle it as long as all involved drives are available when backups are scheduled.

Chronosync is really excellent software. I run several backups with it. It is quite sophisticated.

Pan 6 has several safety / backup options of its own. Read the documentation about “Total Recall” and “Time Lapse”.

Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate the info.