Panorama App for iPhone

I recall hearing that there would be a Panorama App for the iPhone sometime.

I find it incredible that there is no easy way to take the contact database in an iPhone and search and select only records for a trivial criteria like:

All records from Chicago, IL for persons with first name John that work at ProVUE.

Am I wrong, alone, or just a “visionary”?



An iOS version of Panorama is still on the roadmap, and is still quite a long way from realization.

Searching the contacts database is really a separate issue from that. The question is how to get the data from the contacts database into Panorama. There is no direct way to do that, but there are applications available that can export the contacts data into a comma or tab delimited text file, which could then be imported into Panorama.

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Thanks Jim,

I am going the other way.

My master database is in Panorama. I will export the data to the iOS device by some means, likely through the Apple Contacts means.

What I greedily want is to sort the data like I do in Panorama, 10 ways to Sunday.

So if I am travelling to Boston and want to find out people classified as Friends or Customers or Restaurants sub category Seafood I want the silly hand held device to allow me to do such a simple search. It looks like the Contacts record is rather limited and I would likely have to use the notes field to bury some key words.

Or perhaps I should just look for a database program for the iPhone.

Thanks for your sage comments.


Panorama X was initially a huge problem for me, as I used Pan 6, Windows, to type data directly directly into the database on a tablet. I use Panorama to gather and analyze bee Queen performance in my bee queen breeding enterprise . However, I found the solution in the socalled Airbar. This allows me to type data with touch screen capability on a Macbook. I have developed a form that allows me to type data with an index finger, as the work with bees often includes honey-sticky fingers.
The Airbar allows me to continue my invaluable use of Panorama, while I wait for the IOS version, which will hopefully make the use of an Ipad possible.

It is easy to share your Panorama X data with a database app on an iPad. Such a database app on iOS should have a pendant on macOS as well. The macOS version must be able to import and export TSV or CSV files that you can export or import in Panorama X.

I personally can recommend TapForms or Ninox.

Another way to easily transfer PanX data to an iOS device is to export the data to a text file located on your iCloud drive. You can then open the data file with Numbers or Excel and sort and search it.

I can recommend GeneralDB for storage and sorting “10 ways to Sunday” on your phone.

I have a Panorama database that I periodically export as tab-delimited, email to myself, and import into GeneralDB, so as to do exactly that.

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Failed to thank you.
Thanks Matt. I will check it out.
Best Regards,
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Can Panorama X respond to touches on an Airbar? I have no knowledge of how it works.

To be more specific, will a touch on the Airbar cause the info("click") function to register the touch as a mouse click?

Michael. It workshop exactly like a mouse, it points and clicks, however not as accurate, as the pointing gadget is the index finger. I will send you a small video about it.

I should live so long! I’ve been exporting to text, and sometimes importing to Filemaker or just putting a text file in Dropbox.

OR PS, now that I pause to think: I’m more and more using Google sheets/docs/ etc. I can read them on my “devices”. I can share without too much trouble. There also 25,000 (+/-) lamprey apps to deal with the basic sheet data – which of course is what Panorama does, does stuff with a structured data sheet. I’m too loyal and old to switch now (completely), but there are temptations abounding.