Panorama and web publishing

If there is anyone skilled with Panorama and web publishing, and interested in taking on projects, please get in touch with me via private message here. I get occasional inquiries but am currently unable to take on more projects. It would be nice to have someone I can reliably refer these businesses to.

Some time ago, I posted a note here to see who’d be interested in discussions about implementing Panorama’s web features. There was a fair amount of interest expressed but it was pointless at the time since the capability had not yet been fully actiavted in Panorama X. That’s about to change, and I remian willing to get involved in such a dialog.

Panorama X can do so much, so well, in driving a web site from generating simple HTML pages to very involved sites with Panorama generating javascript, JSON, CSS and everything else that drives a complex site. I’d gladly fuel enthusiasm along these lines.