Panorama and Cloud Backup


Does anyone use cloud backup with Panorama, either classic or Panorama X? Has anyone used Chronosync with Cloud backup and, if so, which cloud backup service? Any issues with restoring Panorama from cloud backup? Thanks.


I use Time Machine and Chronsync for fully automated backups.

TimeMachine does its routine every hour. I have Chronosync set to handle a few backup schemes. A couple of times per day it logs on to another computer and synchronizes the field on them, then create a set of backups to another drive.

Once a day Chronosync connects to my iCloud folder and does a set of backups there.

And since I’m pretty paranoid about data loss, I have a 2010 mini that boots up automatically every week. All of my Macs then run scheduled Chronsync backups to that, then at a predetermined time the mini shuts itself down for another week.

No problems in restoring anything from any of those sources - though I’ve actually not tried retrieving from the iCloud directory.