Panorama 6 to X

I am currently using Panorama 6 and would like to eventually make the move over to X. I have a program that was originally built with Overview and I am afraid there might be some issues with the code that will not convert or work correctly with Panorama X. I am not an experienced programmer and I am afraid to make this conversion! Are these legitimate concerns and is the time right to make the switch over or are there stability issues or other concerns with Panorama X? We have a pool service company with about 1,000 customers and I need to make a smooth transition. Thanks for any advice.

Scott, if you want to send the database (or at least the procedures) to me, I’m happy to do a conversion and advise on possible problems.

That would be great, can I get your email address or can I send it trough this forum?

You can send a personal message to Michael (or anyone else on this forum) by clicking on his avatar, and then the message button.

08 AM

He could then send you his email in a reply, without giving it to the rest of the world at the same time.

To use Michael’s personal email go to the Help menu, open the Panorama Database Exchange and look at the email address in the first entry called Accelerated Lookup. That is Michael’s email address. It is best not to list an actual email address directly on this public forum.

I’ve sent my address to Scott. The message facility is excellent.