Panorama 6 to X help

I am not new to Panorama

I own & have operated a small movie theater a small town since 1974. In 1994, I created a set of databases via Panorama Macros to sell tickets and consolidate data for reporting to Distributors and a variety of other tasks for my cinema on the Apple platform. The only ticket programs were ( and still are-to the best of my knowledge) are PC based

My program consists of 8 files and (currently) 216 macros (procedures) and 61 forms. I am in process of deleting those procedures & forms that are no longer in use or not essential.

Many of the shortest and simplest procedures are essentially ‘duplicates’, i.e., Selling a ticket takes 6 procedures (buttons) on a Boxoffice form
1. selecting the particular movie title
2. selecting the ticket price
3. selecting the number of of tickets at that price
4. selecting the showtime
5. then totaling the transaction and
6. printing the ticket.

It took me a long time (and I was 24 years younger). In the trial version I converted some files and could see where some of the procedures had obsolete or unimplemented statements easily enough, but fixing those statements in order to be operational was time consuming and sometimes unsuccessful.

I would like to hire someone to upgrade the procedures & forms to Panorama X. I simply do not have the time to learn the all new programing language & techniques and all the trial & error it would take me to bring everything that has been fully functional in 6 (and operating for the past 24 years) to Panorama X.

My only other option is to stick with what I have in Panorama 6, which certainly works, but I’d prefer to upgrade.

You can be anywhere with Internet and telephone ( yes, i am ‘old school’)

If you are interested and think you can do this at a reasonable price, we can discuss how to best go forward.

I’ll pay you by the hour or flat fee - up to you- it is all negotiable

You should not have to worry about payment, I’ve been in business for 42 years. No one has not been paid for their goods or services.

All I care about is your ability to do the upgrade and patiently explain where I might have questions.

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