Panorama 6 look and feel in Pan X when a cell is selected

Greeting all. Certainly one of my problem transitioning to Pan X from Panorama 6 is incredibly frustrating.

In Pan X if I click a field in a record the entire field is SELECTED. If I do a hot key Copy or Paste I grab the data or overwrite what was there before.

This I can’t seem to do in Pan X although I have messed around with properties like Focus Ring, Pop Up Editing, etc. I have also looked at some of the databases donated to the forum.

When I am in a field that I have clicked on the form a sort of rusty red background color happens but if I hot key Copy I get a beep and I must double click the Field to highlight it and do something.

In some of the other databases like US Airport if I click the field immediately I am “IN” the field but I am now having an insertion point, not highlighting the entire text or value in the field.

I must now do a double click or two or Apple A to select all the contents.

So I get frustrated because the task I want to do is for me simple and I revert back to Panorama 6 and say to myself “I will figure it out when I have more time.”

How do I set up a field on a form to act like Good Ol’ Panorama 6?

if I hot key Copy I get a beep

You have discovered a bug that has not been reported by anyone else in the past 6 years. I think this has not been noted before because very few people use the Pop Up Editing option, which makes a Panorama X Text Editor behave like a Good Ol’ Panorama 6 Data Cell – but also behave in a way that is VERY non-standard for a Macintosh application, so it is rarely used.

However, it is a bug, so it has now been added to the issue tracking system.

And to think I am now bald from pulling my hair out trying to solve the unsolvable!

Thanks Jim. I am glad I finally gave up and went to the Forum.