Panorama 6 help needed

I have a new Macbook but I have an old track and field training design program that only uses Panorama 6. Panorama X opens my file after I added .pan to each file, but does not allow me to build the training categories, athletes files and pace calculators. The information below was my last communication from Provue. Is there anyone out there that can help me?

you have the zip file then you can try opening it yourself. Just download and install the Panorama X trial from our web site. One immediate caveat, any Panorama 6 files must be named with a filename ending in .pan to work with Panorama X. This was already a requirement for the Windows version of Panorama 6, so it may be taken care of already, but if not, you’ll have to do that manually in the Finder.

The files should open in Panorama X with no problem, but I suspect that some programming and form adjustments would need to be made to get it all to work on the new system. That doesn’t necessarily require super technical programming knowledge, after all, this database was created by a track coach who as far as I know had no previous programming experience. But it is likely to require some time and careful study. If that seems beyond what you want to tackle, you would need to hire someone to to that for you. Unfortunately, ProVUE staff is fully booked, so we wouldn’t be able for that. I would suggest joining and asking about this. There are several paid consultants on there and sometimes it is possible to even get free help. Also, there may be someone on that forum that is already familiar with the Training Design Pro program. Maybe someone has already done the conversion?

When you migrate a Panorama 6 database to Panorama X, most, but not all things will work exactly like before. Maybe you have to rebuild some forms in your database (and there are fantastic new options for forms e.g. Text List objects).

But the first thing you should look for is the View menu: Are there any procedures marked with a red warning symbol? Those procedures are containing statements that are not compatible with Pan X; you will have to replace those old statements with valid Pan X statements.

The most common example is the old gosheet statement. You have to replace it everywhere with the openform statement. (Read the documentation in the Panorama X Help.)

If the migration appears to be too difficult at the moment, you can contact me via direct message (click here in the thread on my name, then on message). You could share a copy of your database with me — without sensible data, just with some data samples for understanding how your database is supposed to work — and I could see how much effort it is to migrate your database to Pan X.

Thanks for the rapid response. I dragged a file to see if this is what you could work with.

Tony Veney

(Attachment MicroCycle Templates.pan is missing)

You can’t send database files via the forum. That is the reason I suggested to send me a direct message (by clicking on my name in the forum and then clicking the “Message” button). So our conversation would be private, not part of the public thread in the forum. You could then send me a Dropbox link to your zipped database file, or I could send you my email address for direct communication.

Kurt meant to write “replace it everywhere with the opensheet statement”

Correct, of course:

  • Instead of gosheet you now have to use the opensheet statement.
  • The goform is still valid, but only if you want to switch from one form window to another form window.

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Thank you, Dave!