Panorama 6 and Mojave Errors

I just recently installed Mojave beta - maybe the 5th or 6th release - specifically to see if Panorama 6 would continue to work on it. They have now clarified that 32 bit apps will be supported for this OS version, so Pan does work, but there is an error message that keeps popping up every couple of seconds. It says “Applescript Error: Not authorized to send Apple events to Finder.”

I’m wondering if this is something Jim could disable easily or could provide a way to fix it myself as it makes using Pan DB’s impossible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


That’s a security ‘feature’ in Mojave.

I’m not sure why it thinks Panorama 6 would be sending a message to Finder every few seconds. Perhaps this isn’t really the correct error message.

At this point, making even a one line change to Panorama 6 would require weeks of work. There are development tools used in building Panorama 6 that won’t run on anything newer than OS X 10.6. I do have a machine that will run that OS, but it hasn’t been started up in years. Also, if Panorama is sending a message to something every few seconds, that is a message that needs to be sent, so there may not be anything that could be done even if I could easily make changes.

For several months I have strongly been considering discontinuing all sales and support of Panorama 6 (sales are minimal, in any case). It sounds like this decision may have been made for me. So fair warning – if you really wanted another copy of Panorama 6, don’t wait too long.

That Felix Schwarz blog is excellent. I read it in June, guess I should have posted a link here but I didn’t think folks here would be interested. I see that 8 of you have already clicked the link, so I was wrong about that. So far it appears that it has fallen on deaf ears at Apple, at least they haven’t addressed any of the issues Felix brought up in the Mojave betas so far. If they haven’t done so already, it seems unlikely now that Apple is going to make changes to fix these issues.

How will the end of support for Pan6 impact the use of the “personal use” accounts. If I need to buy something different or additional to protect my ability to use your product in the future, please tell me what you want me to purchase. Thank you.

This link might help you get Pan6 running better in Mojave (I don’t have a beta machine for Mojave yet) without the constant “unauthorized… errors” - but leaves ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING unguarded as it relates to any type of sandboxing issue… so use at your own risk…

I’d be curious to see if it worked with this issue - knowing full well it is not a long term solution - for emergencies and testing only.

I have been able to install almost every legacy app/driver/etc… for testing in High Sierra if an install fails or the good old “Apple Security Guard” says “STOP, I’m not going to let you do that!”

After a successful install, I turn SIP back on and all is usually good. Works best with installers/apps that want to plant things deep into the system or library folders. It seems that once these items are planted - there are few issues with them just living there.

Click Here: Disable SIP using the Terminal App to check it out.

The link includes instructions for turning SIP back on also.

I think my “keeping Pan6 going for a while longer” plan is going to be using Parallels Desktop running El Capitan or High Sierra, although I haven’t tested it yet.

Parallels runs Windows OS - it’s not going to know about El Capitan or Sierra. You could, of course, run Panorama 6.0 under Windows :frowning:

You could have a bootable external hard drive running a legacy OS and use that for Panorama 6.0 work. You’d probably want a Thunderbolt connection, otherwise it could be very slow.

You could even partition your internal drive but that would necessitate a clean install, a process in which it’s very easy to lose lots of data.

You could (I think) have two user accounts which log into the two systems and switch between them easily.

I don’t think disabling SIP is going to help. That is a different issue.

It doesn’t leave you any more unguarded than you were in 10.12 or earlier, where SIP didn’t exist.

I’m pretty sure you can run other guest operating systems under Parallels or VMWare, not just Windows.

Parallels Desktop will run every MacOS back to 10.5. You need the server version for 10.5 - all others simply require an install image.

I have several MacOS systems for testing and running legacy software within Parallels. Works great!

No issues with the new High Sierra APFS disc format either - Parallels handles it and keeps the legacy OS in Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Here is 10.5.4 (server) running in High Sierra as an example:


I didn’t know that - that’s probably the ideal solution isn’t it? You can so easily switch between the two and exchange files if needed.

I can only hope that for the time being that support for Panorama 6 doesn’t get dropped. There are still a lot of us that haven’t been able to switch over the new Panorama because of a lot of different reasons, I know that for the way I use Panorama 6 still things like a simple Lookup procedure is not on the new Panorama and makes using the new Panorama very difficult.
It’s not that Jim didn’t give us proper warning, we have had this dark cloud over us for 3 years now. Just like last year at this time, can only hope that just maybe we can get by for one more year with Mojave, then maybe Jim will put a lookup function onto the new Panorama X. I get the Apple Script warning now in High Sierra, so I can only hope that maybe that will be the case in Mojave, enough that I will be able to live in Mojave. If not will have to endure the pain either trying to transfer everything to Pan X, or no upgrade for six to 12 months to Mojave, or maybe even look for another database that would work, but that is something I couldn’t fathom doing.
It’s just a ugly problem for some of us.

Panorama X definitely has lookup in its basic format as well as a number of variations.

Here’s a screen shot from the Panorama X Help file:

As James already said, the lookup feature for sure is available in Pan X. — I think, Golfersal is missing the lookup dialog in Pan 6 that was helpful in constructing the lookup formula.

It seems Golfersal has missed Michael Kellock’s efforts in mimicking that dialog. Look for the LookupWizard in the Panorama X Database Exchange.

I realize and appreciate the effort and work of Michael Kellock. The problem, that is like another program that I have to find and start up, I am us to having that on a menu that I don’t have to open up another Panorama procedure.
I miss the Formula Fill procedure that has 30 or more formula’s, just like the lookup function. There are a half dozen things like upperword (Text), divzero, import and sum which I use every day and don’t have to consult finding the proper formula for these procedures. Remember some of us aren’t very computer literate, that is the reason I hate programs like excel and anything windows related that you have to code some problems.
Sorry, but for 20 years I got used to a lot of the ease of Panorama 6.

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My preliminary testing today, after installing the latest Mojave beta update (for public users), suggests that Apple has fixed the problems and Panorama appears to be running fine. Upon starting Pan after the update, I was asked in two messages if I wanted to allow Pan to control and exchange info with the Finder and then with something with events. After I clicked yes to both, Pan worked without error messages. I checked quitting and relaunching Pan as well as restarting the Mac, and both actions seem to show those permissions to be remembered.
I was contemplating buying a new iMac just to get the High Sierra install on the latest hardware and then hoping it kept running until I retire, but now I can wait until the end of Mojave’s run to do that. Good news if all continues to work as it appears to be doing now.