Panorama 6.0 file "not in Author mode" and cannot be converted

I encountered this message when trying to convert a friend;s Panorama 6.0 database to Panorama X:


What does it mean and how do I (or how does he) fix it?

It means that the security on the file was not set in Author mode. If there is a password, you will need to know it. Hold the option key and select About Panorama…

If it was a shared file, it also needs to be converted to single user.

Author mode is discussed on page 184 of the Panorama 6.0 Handbook, I’ve excerpted the relevant section below. If the database is in User or Custom mode, Panorama X won’t open it.

The Privilege Dialog

The View menu normally gives you complete freedom to access any view in your database. If other people are going to be using your database you may want to prevent them from switching to unauthorized views.

To restrict user access to the View menu, use the Privilege dialog (shown below). To open this dialog on a Macintosh computer, hold down the Command or Option key and choose About Panorama from the Apple menu. To open this dialog on a Windows system, hold down the Control or Alt key and choose About Pan- orama from the Help menu. This dialog allows you to choose one of three possible user levels for the current database: Author, User, and Custom.

The Author level places no restrictions on the user—he or she can change the database design, draw graphics, open and close windows, and generally perform any Panorama operation described in this manual.

The User level allows the user to perform data entry and analysis, but prevents the user from changing the database design or changing the graphics in a form. User level disables the View menu, so the user cannot choose which view he or she wants to use. They can only use views that are opened automatically when the database is opened or views that are opened with procedures set up in advance.

The Custom level is even more restrictive. All of the tools in the tool palette disappear, along with all of the menus except for the File, Edit and Action menus. When the database is locked to the custom level, the user can perform data entry and predefined programs (procedures)—and that’s it. Everything else is forbidden.

To prevent unauthorized users from changing the user level, the Privilege dialog can be protected with a password. Once the password is set, you cannot open the Privilege dialog unless you know the password.