Pan6 database won't convert to X

I have a Pan6 database that I want to convert to PanX. The name ends in “.Pan”. I drag it onto the PanX icon in the Dock. I get a picture of the Desktop with 5 other PanX databases and a sign saying “No Available Windows.” Nor does it open from “Open” in PanX. What am I doing wrong? No advanced features used.

Please compress the database to a .zip file and then email it to the support address on the provue web site, and we’ll check it out for you.

I received this file. It turns out, the file’s name did not end in “.pan”, it ends in ".pan ". In other words, there was an extra space on the end of the filename. The system doesn’t tolerate extra spaces on the end of the filename, with the extra space, macOS thinks this is some other sort of file, not a Panorama database. This isn’t a Panorama thing, the same thing happens if you add an extra space on the end of a .pdf file, a .doc file, an .html file, whatever. I think it could be argued that this is a bug, but it’s a bug that only Apple can fix, not ProVUE.

For now, simply edit the filename to remove the extra space on the end and the file will open in Panorama X just fine.