Pan10.2 classes

HA HA HA! What a great time I had today. Friends and people I have ‘known’ for 25-30 years came to life today! I too use Panorama daily, and have for decades, sometimes for many enjoyable hours per day (also some frustrating hours problem solving…so often solved with help from this INCREDIBLY generous Forum/QnA). My income (publishing directories of grant-making foundations and their grants used by nonprofit organizations to identify sources of grant support) has depended on Panorama (after dropping FileMaker) for many, many years, recording data and organizing the data into printable books of more than 1,000 pages.
Wow!! Over the years:
On the top: RAM is FAST!
hurray for arrays!
OMG: instant crash protection recovery!!
Help files: outstanding, really.
Unlimited undo??? Incredible.
Relations and the other new features/ powers!! Excuse me, I need to use the restroom, then I’ll be back for continued enjoyment of Panorama, looking forward to the 10.2 classes. And again, thanks, JIm, for Panorama, and thanks so much for the Forum/QnA contributors. Absolutely unique and unparalleled.