Pan X update schedule

Jim, any idea when the next update will be out. Awaiting so many changes and fixes such as cursor ready in the data entry window without having to click every time, multiple choices with restored ability to enter optional data (used to just use underscores), and so much more.

I’m still very wary to upgrade to Catalina until I can feel safe using Pan X on all my data.

Any update on this?

OK I am really puzzled here - questions on the Pan X Server update seem to be either forbidden or simply ignored.

I get it that software development can be delayed. Is it possible to simply get confirmation that the project is still in the works? Maybe a very broad estimate on date such as this month, this year, or multiple years into the future?

From someone who has no inside information, I’d say that the project is in beta, and will be released within the next 4 months.

There you go. Now you have an update. :wink:

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Yes, this project is very much still in the works. It will be available this year. and there will be an opportunity soon for users that want to get early access before the final release. A much more detailed progress report is being prepared.

Thanks - much appreciated

Cool. I just want an update that permits use of a true monospace font. The numeral idiocy from AppleStandardEdict, or whatever it is, is unacceptable for anyone who deals with accounts and numbers in columns.

For those forum members who’ve been impatient for updates—not I—there are easter eggs of coming attractions viewable at the online version of Panorama Help. While not yet ready for prime time, at least not for most of us, well selected bug spotters are now helping Jim identify and squish enough bugs to finalize the Server version. I’m not a Server user so am not directly affected. But from following posts here since the early access days of the single user Panorama X it has been long obvious that Server was its the most important missing piece.

I recall well the early access days for single user Panorama X. For a project this size multiple bugs are inevitable. Once Jim was ready to have multiple folks use the software bugs were identified and squished frequently. Updates came often. I hope and expect the same to happen during the roll out of Server. Server is critical to the businesses of many here. They’ve been stuck while single user problems and limitations have been addressed. Some of their conversions will be sizeable projects. Now that they can start converting, support is likely to prioritize getting them up to the level of functionality single user already enjoys. Yet progress continues for the single user version. The ‘release’ notes there for the (not yet generally released) Version 10.2 list many changes and new features applicable for single users. Impatient forum members can browse to their hearts content which of their problems and wish lists will be resolved before long. Curious members can scan new features and contemplate incorporating them. Jim will doubtless have a forum post up with better information as soon as he can. Meanwhile the online Help demonstrates he’s hard at work.

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How would one become a tester of the beta software for Server X?

Via Jim I’d presume. I have no knowledge of his selection criteria and needs. I just spotted 10.2 updates and version notes within the online Help file, saw no mention of that in forum and felt some would be interested.

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At this time beta testers are by invitation only. So far there have been only four invites, and that list isn’t planned to expand in the immediate future. The limiting factor is the amount of feedback I can handle, and at the moment I am maxed out with the four active testers. I believe adding more testers would slow the project down at this point.

As soon as possible, my plan is to make a “preview” version available with online classes, as was done for Panorama X in 2015. I already have an online sign-up form ready to go, in fact the form has been ready for almost two months. But from past experience I know that when this “goes live” questions and feedback will consume almost all my time, and actual progress on the program will slow to a crawl. So the ducks need to be more in a row before expanding to a larger audience. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when that happens!

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