Pan X odd usage report

I’ve not used my copy of Pan X in months as I’m waiting for it to mature before registering it and converting databases from Classic.

Oddly though I received a usage report from Provue showing .25 hrs. of usage. Hows’s that possible when I have not used it at all.

Once I pay for Pan X usage when the time comes I want to be sure usage reports are accurate!

@LeoC2 Our server records do show that you used Panorama X one time about 2 weeks ago. I won’t post the specific details on this public forum. Note that 0.25 hours (15 minutes) is the minimum usage that Panorama can record, so it’s possible that the actual usage was much less than 15 minutes. Of course 0.25 hours is below the minimum threshold for a month, so there is no charge for this minimal usage.

Have you been watering and feeding it? :slight_smile: